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Position: Program Assistant

As a program assistant, you’d help teach children to either sit, crawl, walk or manipulate objects – we are required to provide the essential support. To deliver the best quality programming we are seeking volunteers who can commit to a class per week for a minimum of 2 or 3 hours in order to directly support children with their goals throughout the group program.


Volunteers are required to be 16 years or older and able to commit to 3 months of help in the Fall, Winter and Spring, on a weekly basis for 2-4 hours per week. We require a minimum of 30 hours per week during our summer and March break camps, for a minimum of one full week. Interested volunteers must email their resume to info@facealberta.ca and participate in an intake interview. A clear police reference check and vulnerable person screening must be provided. 


You will get the opportunity to interact, play, communicate and teach children essential skills for life. You will be part of a knowledgeable team or professional who strive to make a greater impact on the development of our children. You will also get the opportunity to build your resume for careers moving forwards in the special needs sector.

Position: Donate Your Skills and Talents!

Do you play an instrument or sport? Do you enjoy arts and crafts? Do you dance? Could you teach a career workshop? At FACE we are looking for volunteers to teach their skills and talents to the children and young adults at FACE. As a volunteer you would come in at a time that is scheduled with the staff at FACE, that works with the regular programs at FACE.

For more information and or talk to the staff at FACE about your skill or talent, email info@facealberta.ca or phone 587-830-3223.

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