“I have been doing Conductive Ed since three years old. I believe because of Conductive Education is why I can navigate a simple push walker. As I get older it is important continue to stay with the program to stay as mobile as possible. I like it because it’s an overall workout because they get me to improve my strength as well as stretch my overall body. The more often I do it the benefits I feel in my health.”

– Reegan, Age 23

“We see Rowan’s progression, both in his physical ability and social skills, in very tangible ways. We see him learning new ways to move his body and new interest in doing things independently. We, as parents, are also learning how to support his continued development through different in-home strategies and have the FACE Conductors and Support Team to bounce questions off of. FACE is a major highlight of Rowan’s day!”

– Erin, Mother of Rowan, Age 5

“Our son has been attending FACE for almost 2 years. We can honestly say we always look forward for the days he goes there. He is always cheerful to meet the staff with a really attentive class size and high staff ratio for him and each child, to focus on developmental and social ability with emotional support and nurturing environment. We are so happy with Mark’s improvement through this journey with such amazing and appreciative staff.”

Zeina, Mother of Mark, Age 10
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