Fall, Winter, and Spring Programs

Adult Day Program

*may attend with or without a support worker

Full time program
This program currently runs five days per week, from 9-3 pm. This program works on maintenance and advancement of your gross and fine motor skills as is suitable for those with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor conditions. This program combines a movement program as well as a communication program (alternative and augmentative communication.) We also provide our adults with volunteering opportunities and group outings once a week.

Part time program

We also offer the option for our adults to join us on a part- time basis. Adults can join this program for specific activities, such as our communication program or our movement programs depending on their needs. These activities vary week to week to help you learn team building, communication and explore new hobbies and interests alongside like minded peers. Our part time program is flexible to your needs.

One-one instruction with conductor
Although Conductive Education strives to work in a group environment whenever possible we are aware that some schedules may not fit within our weekly schedule or that your goals may be very unique and specific that private instruction may be better suited. In this situation we can offer a time that our conductor is available to work with you for 75 minutes.

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