FACE Fall Registration Form 2023-2024

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Families of Alberta for Conductive Education Fall Registration 2023-2024.
This form is required to reserve your preferred days for Conductive Education services at Families of Alberta for Conductive Education.
Fall Season dates: September 5th, 2023 - June 25th, 2024 (excluding Statuary holidays/Sundays)

Policies and General Information

1.  Please note that the ages on our form are as a guide, please discuss with the program coordinator should you want to register for a group not within your child's age group. Accommodations can be made IF spaces are available, and the conductor feels it is an appropriate fit for the child.
2.  Please chat with your FSCD worker about Developmental Aide or Specialized Respite contracts to help support the cost of the program. A COPY OF THIS CONTRACT IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO START THE PROGRAM.
a.  Behavioural developmental support (BDS) funding involves contracts for direct & indirect program time, for co-ordination for our team, and family must be willing to engage in parent training in home on the dates allocated by the conductors. Failure to do so may affect future contracts under this model. Contracts are only 6 months in length and re-funding another contract is at the discretion of FSCD. Your program coordinator is required to meet with your FSCD worker and provide a service plan which can take up to 1 month to get funding approved. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure goals are communicated clearly and all relevant meetings are arranged. Non-attendance and no shows are billed directly to the family, not FSCD.
b.  Specialized Respite funding with FACE. Due to the nature of our program being beyond typical respite and more therapy based, we have to charge a monthly parent portion fee in addition to the FSCD funding as they fund a maximum of $27.50 per hour. The average parent portion for families to pay is $11 per hour. Financial subsidies may be available to those who apply and fall within certain criteria. Non-attendance and no shows are billed directly to the family, not FSCD.
3.  Due to the staffing needs of our program, please ensure 24 hours' notice is given for notification of non-attendance. Non-attendance and no shows ARE BILLED DIRECTLY TO THE FAMILY not FSCD.
4.   Once an FSCD contract is secured and signed, please forward a copy to kimberly@facealberta.ca or info@facealberta.ca. This is required for both respite funding and BDS funding. Without this the child can not start the program.
5. For those who are self-paying (not suing FSCD funding) or if you run out of FSCD funding months fees are invoiced by email at the end f each month. The rate for self-pay families will be charged is $42.50/direct program hour.
6.  Please make cheques payable to FACE. Payment by e-transfer and/or direct debit/credit is also available on site.
7.  Registrations are based on first come, first serve registration process. We are currently reserving previously held spots for all children who attended Saturday programs in June with good attendance record.  A waitlist is already in place to cover any available spots that become available. All weekend participants are still required to return this registration to secure their place.
8.  Confirmation of your registration into the program will be sent to your two weeks before program start date.
9.  NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques are subject to a $25 service fee.
10.  FACE reserves the right to increase program fees with a 30 day notice.
11. New children are required to complete an assessment with our conductors prior to registration.

Child's Details

Parent/Guardian Details

Emergency Contact

Please provide an alternative contact person in case of emergency. Emergency contacts must be over the age of 18 and capable of caring for the child if you are unavailable.
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