Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink

With your donation, you can challenge a FACE staff member, family member or FACE participant to complete challenging tasks!

These tasks include:

20 sit to stands$10 
Hamstring stretch$10
Take 50 steps with leg gaiters$20
Stand up from tummy with long stick behind your back with your arms hanging on$20
Lifting weights 20 times (Ankle weights on rings alternating vertical raises)$30
Dance Party! Stand in a walker with leg gaiters and dance to a song$30
Ankle weight on a stick raises x10$30
10 squats on a bosu ball $30
Standing and balancing on teeter totter and must shift weight from side to side 20 times$30
4-point kneeling with no arms hoovering over a pie plate of whipped cream for 2 mins  $30
Walk 5m on lego blocks with bare feet $50
3 laps around face on a scooter$50
Stand up from mats with three gaiters on $50
4-point kneeling with arm gaiters for 5 minutes$50
Get dunked with cold water$100

We are excited to be a participating charity in Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink. We receive 100% of donations to FACE, which will go directly to supporting Conductive Education programs. This opportunity also allows all monetary donations to be matched up to 50%, so your donation goes further!

If you would like to multiply your impact and support
FACE please visit:

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