Conductive Education History

Conductive Education (CE) originated in the Eastern European country, Hungary. The system was developed by the beliefs of Dr. Andras Peto. Peto, who was involved in the medical and psychological field, opened an education centre in 1952 to support children with cerebral palsy to meet their particular physical and intellectual skills. With his own father having Parkinsons, the system was then found to be effective for other neuromotor conditions. Since then, his work has been passed on through generations by his successors, including the prestigious Maria Hari. CE gained significant international growth in the 80’s, as centres following his methodologies opened up across the globe. These centres are lead by trained conductors, who ‘conduct’ (organize and carry out) the group program. 

To achieve Qualified Conductor Status, conductors receive Undergraduate training at specialized centres and universities. There are only three of these undergraduate programs across the world.

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